Out of the mouths of students.

We think TPI On Campus, the Risk Retreat, and TPI Home School are epic payments education experiences. But do others share our sentiment? See what last year's students shared about their experiences and you be the judge.

TPI On Campus & Risk Retreat

“I have found the content at The Payments Institute to be more relevant than most conferences I’ve attended when it related the applicability to the content. Great ability to get direct contact with great industry leaders.”

Dennis Wegner, SVP, Commercial Card Product Manager, UMB Bank, N.A.

“TPI provided the perfect opportunity for me to hone my skills alongside experts in the payments industry and get an even deeper understanding of this rapidly changing field. The agenda is broken down into sections and provided me with the ability to tailor my schedule to attend course that were most relevant to me and the role I play in my institution. The faculty is extremely down to earth, and all felt more like peers than professors. I’m excited to attend again next year, and take my learning to the next level with the Master’s Program.”

Leah Duerr, Cross River

"Many conferences and trainings tend to talk AT you. TPI, on the other hand, was so engaging and collaborative, while also providing me with a welcomed challenge. I was also impressed with the diversity in the students. Even with a more intimate group, there were so many different backgrounds, including students from regulatory bodies and international institutions. I felt like this provided the perfect setting to exchange insights and form meaningful partnerships."

Chad Dickson, AAP, APRP, ACH Department Manager, Farmers & Merchants Bank of Long Beach

"I attended the TPI and the Risk Retreat and I was impressed by the quality of speakers and the topics they covered. I learned a lot about the latest trends and challenges in payments and payments risk and gained valuable insights and best practices by the best in the industry. I highly recommend both to anyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve in the payments industry."

David Sklon, AAP, APRP, Enterprise Payments Risk Manager, Capital One

"My time at TPI was amazing! I had a lot of in-depth training on things I use daily, learned a lot of new information, as well as networked and made new friends. The instructors and staff were phenomenal and very helpful."

Genny M. Newton, Treasury Management Specialist, Planters First Bank

"TPI is a fantastic opportunity to develop and expand your network of professionals in the industry, while enriching your overall knowledge and skills. This year I followed the AAP accreditation track and received a wealth of information from experts, including Jennifer Miller, Mary Gilmeister, Jessica Perkins, Scott Jones, Jen Wasmund, Andy Barlow, Sandy Ortins and so many others. I was also able to share this valuable information with my staff and colleagues upon my return. If you are considering attending or not quite certain, I would highly recommend TPI. The variety of schools of study make TPI a great investment in people and the organizations they work for."

Tracy Buckley-Scott, APRP, VP, Director of Banking Services Operations, Cape Cod Five Cent Bank

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TPI Home School

"This was my first time doing the TPI Home School. It was AMAZING! These classes were so informative and kept my attention the whole time. I would definitely do this again. All the teachers were great and knowledgeable."

"I loved the options to go to different classes. It was rough when there were technical difficulties but I feel better that recordings will be available. I like that I can revisit and attend other course that I was interested in but could not attend due to being in another session. There was so much knowledge packed in so little time, I do feel more confidant in the direction I need to take to study for the exam. I feel its would be great to attend yearly to stay current with all the changes."

"So many wonderful speakers, well organize and can’t wait for next year!"

"very well organized and informative"

"Very informative in all topics that were covered."

"Very helpful to get the credits I needed quickly. Enjoyed learning about faster payments and payment law."

"Glad I attended. Thanks!"


"It was a lot of great information!"

"I received a lot of valuable information during the sessions."

"Very informative, comprehensive and useful." "One-of-a-kind experience!"

"I appreciate that it is online now. I did enjoy in person years ago, and hope to go back again in the future, but online works best for me now."


"Very enjoyable. The presenters were very knowledgeable about their topics and there wasn’t one moment where I thought this wasn’t valuable"

"Very informative. Provided a great refresher on some topics while introducing me to new information in the areas of faster payments and FedNow."

"This was a great experience and I can't wait to do it again!"

"It was such a great mix of basic and intermediate classes to be attractive to all different knowledge and experience levels."

"Informative and Valuable!"

"Never disappoints"


"Great information shared and good opportunity to network."

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