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Getting the best doesn’t have to involve hitting road. With TPI Home School you’ll have access to classes taught by TPI’s distinguished faculty from wherever you are. The prep study for AAP and APRP exams, the Continuing Education Credits, the knowledge you need to advance your career—it’s all available to you online.

Standard Program

What interests you? Where do you want your career to go? So many questions—and so many options. With the TPI Home School Standard Program, you can follow a specific school of study, or you can mix and match to take classes across a range of schools and topics.

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AAP Prep

Students following the AAP Prep School receive education that complements existing AAP exam training. Coursework focuses on topics that parallel the exam, including the Nacha Operating Rules, the ACH Network and other payments systems, technical and operational ACH requirements, risk management and government regulations.

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Students following the APRP Prep School receive education that complements existing APRP exam training. Coursework focuses on topics that parallel the exam topic areas, including payments risk management fundamentals, payment systems, payments risk policy and governance, payments risk management systems and controls, physical and information security and regulatory environment.

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General Payments

Students focusing in General Payments carefully examine the core payment systems such as the ACH Network, and payment instruments like checks, cards, wires and some of the emerging payment channels such as RTP®. Students learn the characteristics and uses of each payments system, participant roles and responsibilities, operational aspects of payment-related products and gain an understanding of the relationships between those mechanisms.

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Payment Innovations & Technologies

Payment Innovations & Technologies students focus on emerging industry developments and disruptors in this school. Students learn blockchain use cases, how payment technology is driving payment experience, strategies for partnering with fintechs and uses for APIs.

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Payments Risk Management

Payments Risk Management students examine the risks associated with payments systems as well as the rules and laws governing compliance. Courses focus on emerging trends in fraud, fraud prevention and data security and privacy. Students also complete a comprehensive study of the associated rules and regulations, coming away with a deep understanding of the evolving risk and regulatory environment as well as the tools to mitigate threats.

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Lecture Halls

While courses in each school of study are laser-focused, Lecture Halls cover a range of topics. All students are encouraged to attend Lecture Halls, which are guaranteed to pique your interest.

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If you’re a seasoned industry professional in search of a more in-depth look into today’s complicated payments environment, you’ve come to the right place. TPI Home School has you covered with our Advanced Program. It’s perfect for payments vets eager to maintain a competitive advantage for both their employer and themselves.

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Advanced Program

Advanced courses during Home School are for students looking for a deeper understanding of business strategies in today’s uncertain environment. They'll obtain knowledge that organizations can implement to stay ahead of the competition.

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