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Keeping the Lights On: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery


Date 02:15 PM - 03:30 PM (1 hour 15 minutes)
Tuesday, July 16
Accreditation Prep (AAP, APRP, AFPP)
Risk, Regulatory, Compliance & Legal
On Campus

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In a world where disaster can stike in an instant everyone needs a hero to help in times of trouble. This course teaches you how to let your hero be your Business Continuity Plan. Using the FFIEC Business Continuity Management handbook as a guide, faculty explore the processes and contingencies financial institutions, corporations and government entities might consider implementing to react to crises. Students come away from this course understanding how planning and developing strategies, maintaining a clear plan, and understanding the roles of all parties subject to the plan are critical. When a disaster is happening, being prepared is the last thing you should have to worry about. Disasters are short term, but your organization’s reputation and business vitality are long term.